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Mental Health and Social Services in Las Vegas, NV

“There is No Greater Agony Than Bearing an Untold Story Inside You.” - Maya Angelou

founder, Lynnette Johnson and guest

At the 8th Annual Cook County Human Trafficking Force Conference 

Audrey Morrissey and Lynnette Johnson 

Therapeutic Services to Victims of Trauma

Taking Back Hope, Inc., was established in February 2007, by Founder and Executive Director, Lynnette Johnson, as a non-profit organization to address the needs and mental health concerns of child victims of trauma and sexual abuse.

Goals: Taking Back Hope, Inc. will provide evidence-based therapeutic services to primary and secondary victims of trauma, abuse/neglect, sexual abuse, and child sexual exploitation, in a drop-in center setting. The services will be targeted toward restorative and re-integrative treatment to enhance their ability to be self-sufficient.

Individual, Family, and Group Therapy

Essie’s Place is a girls’ center which provides the following behavioral health services: individual, family, and group therapy, gender-specific programming, sexual abuse prevention and education, sexual exploitation education and prevention, and healthy relationship building. We partner with Healing Hooves to offer equine therapy in addition to our on-site services. Our program utilizes evidence-based curriculum and treatment services/interventions. We work with primary and secondary victims of trauma, abuse/neglect, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation ages 12 to 18. Our center is staffed 75% with professional volunteers to offer services at no cost to clients, if insurance isn’t an option. 

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Primary and Secondary Support

Our center is designed to help the primary and secondary victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and trauma. Get the healing you need to regain your life.

Pro-Bono Services

As a public center, we offer our services free of charge to primary and secondary survivors. 75 percent of our trained staff are volunteers, including medical personnel, and we are always looking for caring individuals to get involved.

Various Therapies

We offer an array of therapy options, designed to connect with survivors at all levels. Our therapy services include, music therapy, flash mob/dance, group counseling, educational support, and familial support. 

Call us today to learn more about our organization, to request help, or to get involved. A member of our team will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide guidance for the best course of action for your situation. We are here to help, and we want you to know that you are not alone. Together, we can make Clark County a safer place.